In recent years its founders noticed that in Israel it is very difficult for small businesses to build long-term business. One of the solutions to our association this bargain break into the market out to Israel, as a small business, the market size is unlimited. The association's goal is to help small businesses get started in the sand. In most cases, small businesses are not able to break outside Israel's borders in order to start selling their products. The association creates business relationships with entities outside to Israel for the benefit of society and trying to link the gap between small business in the country and property in the sand. The association contact with buyers in countries such as North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Russia. The work process, small business needs to send a description of the business, a business plan (at least initial). Representatives of the organization made contact with the business to determine the session to continue the process.

ACHIA�organization established in 2014 by concerned people, young and old about Eretz Israel close to their heart. We are a group of young citizens and … young at heart, she decided to take charge of events
In the following areas:

  • Jerusalem
  • Golan Heights
  • A�Jordan and the Dead Sea

    ACHI will work to strengthen the status of Israel and Jerusalem as its capital in the entire world and to improve Israel's image in the family of nations and becoming a center of cultural, social, economic and political world. ACHIA�will lead campaigns realize its vision in Israel and abroad.

ACHIA�aims to set the agenda of the State of Israel, to bring up the cabinet, parliamentary and local elections as well as any other public institution, issues related to the purposes of the association.
ACHIA�will work in educational and social value to return the love of Israel and the State of Israel among the youth in the country.

ACHIA�believe in their right to the lands of Israel as promised to our forefathers in the Bible and see the state of Israel and Zionism and the fulfillment of God's promise to Israel. The State of Israel is the only Western democracy in the Middle East and is the "vanguard" of the free world against Islamic countries in this region.

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United freedom of Israel - Stop the Boycott

United freedom of Israel – Stop the Boycott